Information Outlet

For simple connectivity applications


For a telephone cabling system of a building, an information outlet is the connection device at the terminating end of telephone wiring. This outlet is fixed at a specific location and has an opening to receive a plug that is usually inserted into it. In a telephone cabling system, this is used to connect a telephone or an answering machine to the telephone line.

Wibon is a pioneer group that offers a high-quality range of networking information outlets to our customers. Our products are manufactured with components of good grade quality that meets the international standards of the industry. Our information outlet cat6 has dominant features such as durable standard, easy maintenance, and long-lasting quality. The D-link information outlet cat6 is robust and installer-friendly which minimizes the installation and operation costs. The information outlet is capable of transmitting data signals and supply DC power according to recent studies. These are designed as per the specified standards of the industry. It is a Local Area Network (LAN) connector that has an authentic cross-talk cancellation technique for supreme performance. It is the best option for simple connectivity applications from serial to Ethernet.

Benefits of information outlet

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Flexibility and advanced technology to facilitate authentic connections.
  • Powerful components that enhance the efficiency of the performance.
  • Solid and strong providing protected and compatible network facility.

Wibon offers information outlet cat6 with high-speed performance and meets specifications demanded by the industry. It has shielding that secures the connection form EMI interference and is made of high-temperature thermoplastic. The outlet is easy to be terminated and possess high reliability and provides efficient performance. The design of the outlet adheres to the compact design and is made of solid material. It is easy to maintain and assemble and provides optimum and reliable performance.