Network Racks

The structured and organized cabling system

NETWORK RACKS - Organize cables and prevent cluttering

Multiple networking devices that are part of a Local Area Network system are organized and enclosed in a metal frame chassis called network rack. It holds and secures computer network and server hardware devices that include switches, routers, servers, cables, modems, patch panels, etc. It is an essential component of any structured and organized cabling system. A network rack organizes the pieces of equipment neatly to enhance its efficiency and security. It can hold many components of a system in a small space thus increasing the consumption of available storage space efficiently.

Wibon offers a wide range of server racks that posses multiple mounting slots. These racks are manufactured with fine quality material that meets the international standard of quality.  Servers are the most essential components of any network system. Server racks are recommended to yield the maximum output from the servers. These are the standard sized server that utilizes the rack frame infrastructure to facilitate data center server cabinet. Organizing the servers on a server rack increases the performance, facilitates maintenance, and stimulates security. These are essential as it ensures the physical safety of all types of equipment and denies access to unauthorized people. The cable manager in the network racks helps to organize cables and prevent cluttering and cable bends. The cooling fan within the racks prevents damage to equipment due to overheating.

Benefits of Network Racks

  • Availability of cooling and efficient connection of all types of equipment within a Local Area Network and cabling systems.
  • Fast and proficient support to the devices.
  • Prevent cluttering and physical damages to the pieces of equipment.
  • Proper airflow within the racks facilitates for good functionality of devices.
  • Secures devices from unauthorized personnel.
  • Easy to maintain the systems and cable network.

It is necessary to ensure the strength, customizable factor, durability, and security of the racks before investing money. Choose the server racks that are viable for your networking system.