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Cat6 UTP cable is the most commonly used category of UTP cables. Unshielded twisted pair or UTP cable is a popular type of cable used for LAN and telephone connections. UTP cable is an economically beneficial choice of cable that is developed with twisting conducting wires and is covered using a plastic coating for protection. The term unshielded is given to this type of wire as it has no foil wrap or shield used to cover cables. These UTP cables are used in LAN and telephone networks. Category 6 cable is standardized pair of cable that is twisted and used for Ethernet and other network physical layers. Cat 6 cable provides many benefits and advantages compared to UTP cables of other categories. It is inexpensive and cost-worthy as it provides broader bandwidth over CAT-5e and facilitates an increased rate of data transfer.  It meets the minimum standards that are required for installing new cabling systems. Cat6 UTP cable contains four pairs of copper wires and utilizes all pairs to yield maximum output. It is used in Ethernet-based local area networks and data center networks. It contains four pairs of twisted and tightly wound wires. It supports 1 GB per second up to 100 meters and 10 GB per second for 50 meters.

Features of Cat6 UTP cable

  • Cat6 cable uses the RJ-45 connector of standard quality as other Ethernet cables.
  • Printed text along the insulation sheath is used to recognize the cable as Cat6.
  • Both Cat6 and Cat 6a cable support up to 10 GB per second speed.

Wibon provides a D-link cat6 cable or D-link networking cable that supports the Gigabit Ethernet standard. It functions at a bandwidth that is up to 250 MHz. The D-link cat6 cable enhances the performance and network speed with a flexible Ethernet patch cord. It delivers high-quality connections and networking facilities.