The physical networking interface


The physical networking interface that connects devices, telecommunication devices, and other data equipment is commonly known as ‘registered jack’; RJ 45 jack is a connector with eight pins and two connector ends. RJ 45 connectors are twisted pairs of connectors that perform as Ethernet cable for networking. RJ 45 connector has eight pins that serve the purpose of communication and to transmit data. RJ 45 jack refers to cable termination that that is used in connections and network that uses RJ45 connections, which are also known as data jacks. Registered jack 45 is used to connect computers that comprise a Local Area Network. It was used in the telephone systems but today, these connectors are widely used in high-speed modems and computer networks. The RJ45 port is acting as a network port on a server system. This is also known as an Ethernet port, network adapter, or network jack. This is connected directly to the network adapter located within the computer. Registered jack 45 is a standardized networking interface. This cable has eight wires of different colors.

Advantages of RJ45 Jack

  • They can function under a high-speed environment along with the CAT6 cable type.
  • This connector could be used in both networking and telecommunication systems.
  • They are viable for both short term and long term distance.

The design of RJ 45 jack is designated for terminating UTP cable. This denotes physical connectors and pin assignments of wires in LAN, telephone, and computer cable network systems. This jack uses 8P8C (Eight positions and Eight contacts), and is used widely in Ethernet. Traditional telephones and Wi-Fi modems make use of RJ45 jacks. Wibon provides Registered Jack 45 that is manufactured with supreme quality components and offers strong durability and efficiency. They are easy to maintain and function enabling better functioning of networking systems.