Cisco VoIP


Cisco VoIP phones empower your business by connecting you with the right people with a new collaboration experience. You can maximize your business results and accelerate team performance by collecting the right information at the right time. The VoIP phone system gives an effective collaborative experience among teams and individuals. Moreover, it enables the staff to collaborate confidently with colleagues, partners, customers, and suppliers. This in turn harness the power of your busy professional employees. Cisco VoIP phones take advantage of pervasive presence and conferencing capabilities to maximize interaction with subject-matter experts (SMEs).

The portfolio of Cisco VoIP phones consists of an impressive range of full-featured and user-friendly HD video and VoIP phones that can meet the needs of your entire firm, including,

  • The campus mobile worker
  • The retail or manufacturing floor, hospital, to the executive suite
  • The desk of your busiest managers to the company lobby
  • The home office
  • A branch-office site to a corporate headquarter

The Key Features of Different Cisco VoIP Phone Series

VoIP phone system of Cisco reduce costs with interactive high-quality and promises business-grade high-definition video communications. Cisco is a leading video and audio communications equipment vendor in the world. Transform your business processes and access optional third-party endpoint accessories and applications to innovate new workflows. A VoIP phone is an innovative device that uses the internet service instead of a pair of direct connect copper wires to provide telephone service. Furthermore, it provides greater mobility, connectivity, and interoperability. Wibon offers the best quality VoIP Phones for its customers.VoIP phones process telephone calls from the cloud or the internet. To use your VoIP business phone service no additional copper wiring is needed. Making a VoIP phone call is simple and not complicated at all.

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    Easy install and setup
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    The technology supports older technology
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    Simple integration with other software applications
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    Easy scaling
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    Virtual phone numbers that follow you and your employees
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    Range of device options
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    Wide availability and economical implementation