Seamless integration with existing network

Today’s educational institutions are being constantly challenged to make information more easily accessible to their students at their fingertips. This increases the demand for uninterrupted Wi-Fi which is more secure and provides more coverage.Today’s students are highly mobile and are smart too. They are always in constant need for Internet access infrastructure. Faculties along with students need Internet access for web search, knowledge sharing, online research and effective communication. Wibon network gives a sense of freedom for anytime, anywhere, secure access within the campus. The speed and ease of knowledge sharing is the crux of higher productivity. Colleges and universities can highly benefit with the Wibon networking technologies. Wibon offers, highly secure wifi solution to support wireless data, voice and video applications.

We provide

  • seamless integration with existing network,
  • network segregation for different users
  • Username and password allotted for each student and faculty
  • Provision for guest access accounts
  • Restrict each and every user on speed or bytes transfer or time
  • Maintain log as per the cyber laws demand
  • Our service adheres with the DOT’s security regulations