We offer the enterprise-friendly features that allows authenticated traffic

Wireless Internet Access for government offices, corporates and other enterprises is inevitable. Wibon Networks offers in different networks like Wi-Fi, Wired, WiMAX in single or multi-location offices with centralized authentication. We offer the enterprise-friendly features that allows only authenticated traffic and securely manage internet and intranet services.

  • Login through client exe/web-based
  • Authorization based on MAC and IP address
  • Re-Authorization Functionality
  • Inbuilt RADIUS Server, PAP/CHAP support
  • Multi-functionality Dashboard Facility
  • Ease of admin interface
  • Quick configuration options
  • Based on username and password
  • Pulse Based rating
  • Customizable Invoice templates
  • Tax and discount facility
  • Individual and shared bandwidth quota
  • CRM Integration
  • Third Party NAS and RADIUS Integration
  • SMPP Support
  • Log reports in CSV/Printable/Graphical/PDF
  • MIS & BI Reports
  • Customizable responsive login pages
  • Create page for SMS OTP based login
  • User self-registration
  • Promotions and branding options
  • User Lifecycle management
  • Multiple login limit