We enables hospitals to offer secured internet access to users

Wibon solution enables hospitals to offer secured internet access to users. Paperless accounting system and patient management system has resulted in an easy hospital management system. For these CRMs to run without any fail, uninterrupted network is obviously a must. An interruption might can result in serious problems when it comes to healthcare industry. But Wibon networks has won in this sector as well. We offer different solutions available in different range of models which can be used by small to large healthcare centres and hospitals.

  • Inbuilt RADIUS Server
  • PAP/CHAP support
  • Offers inbuilt Database
  • Multi-lingual GUI option
  • Easy and quick control & configuration options
  • Role Based Multiple Level Administration (ACL) For Admin GUI & Console
  • Change Password Options
  • Multi-functionality Dashboard Facility
  • Ease of admin interface
  • Schedule alerts
  • Alert users on in-correct login/failure
  • Complete Email Logs

We also offer customisable solutions for single &chain of shopping malls. Our robust solution suits small, medium and large networks. We offer features specially designed to enable shopping malls in offering attractive & customizable login pages, internet billing solution, bandwidth management, prepaid coupons, maintains complete logs of user’s activity and restricts unauthorized users.

We do offer solutions exclusively for real estate industry. For residential complexes and townships, Wibon networks can deploy Internet, smart and connected TV, telephone and surveillance over a common IP Platform. We can also enable home automation