International Bridging Service

WIBON INTERNATIONAL BRIDGING SERVICE Wibon networking solution provides the best international bridging service for your organization. Our work lifestyle getting changes day by day, the only way to stand out is to do master technical work life. Here our IBS bridging helps you to achieve this at cost-effectively by allowing your employees and users to access international bridges by calling a domestic number. So that they can make work call from their personal number from anywhere. By using IBS your employees can make international calls while working from home without any ISD facility. Our IBS gives you global connectivity at optimized ISD costs. Our telecommunication service includes ‘secure calling’ to offer ISD calling with password protection at the employee level with basic mobile devices and without any app installation by third-party. Also our International bridging feature service ensures employees mobile number privacy by masking it on international calls.

Why Our International Bridging Service First of all, we understand our customer and their requirements. Then we build a solution for them. It will be perfect and cost-effective. Our service gives you a convenient channel to make work calls from any of the locations. So your employees can do work from any location without any technical issues. Also, we provide privacy facilities for the employees. That is called a secure calling service. By using it we can keep their personal number privately that is used for the working purpose. With IBS you can boost employee’s productivity that is employees can connect with their global counterparts at significantly lower calling costs. That’s Helps employees conduct conference calls at home rather than having to stay late at the office for conference calls. Improved work-life balance leads to greater productivity. Wibon networks provide 24*7 services and real-time alerts and analytics. Our technical engineers will be available 24*7 for your service.