L2 Multicast Service


cytotec without rx Wibon Network is the first of its kind the cheap Pregabalin online best L2 multicast service providers in Kochi and video connect solutions in India. L2 Multicast is used to distribute audio or video streaming broadcasts data to multiple recipients. The multicast group identifies a set of recipients that are interested in a particular data stream. And is represented by an IP address from a well-defined range. By using it, a source can send a single copy of data to a single multicast address, which is then distributed to an entire group of recipients. Multicast has a network link that establishes a tree, connecting their source with multiple receivers through that network link video content transmission for a multicast service is done. The L2 multicast solution copies data from the source and at the same time broadcasts it through single stream data transmission for multiple end points (multicast service), resulting in multimedia broadcasting efficiency and bandwidth gains. The multicast content is transmitted over a geographical area referred to as a zone.

Why We Are The Best L2 Multicast Service Providers In Kochi

Multicast has many advantages, the main advantage is the extensible and adaptable compared to others. As the best L2 multicast service providers in Kochi, Wibon Network provides wide network coverage for you. Here you will get secure and accurate data transmission through our service. So you can save your time as well as will never think about the security issues. Through our multicast service you will get optimized bandwidth usage through multicast technology thereby controlling costs. The other feature is that you can experience digital simulcasts of live TV and multicasting to thousands of subscribers simultaneously. We offer secure and optimal video content transmission across geographies. Enhanced the Efficiency that is, Controls network traffic and reduces server and CPU loads. Through multicasting you get optimized performance and eliminates traffic redundancy and make multipoint application possible.