phylogenetically As the best PRI connection provider, Wibon Network introduces the best way to your organization to communicate with the world. Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a telecommunication interface standard that provides telecommunication service to enterprises and offices. Our PRI service provides 30 voice channels on a single link. These have the capability of increasing the number of channels for future requirements. So this will be useful for increasing the working result. That is at a time up to 30 people can work using a single channel. Primary Rate Interface standard is able to carry multiple voices and data lines over traditional copper wire telephone lines. For implementing primary rate interface connection we use a PRI Card. The primary rate interface card is used to connect PRI lines to IP PBX/ IP Telephony Server. So all the IP Phones/ Analog phones (extensions) can make outgoing calls or receive incoming calls using it. Our Fully featured PRI service provides 2-way connectivity between ISDN and PSTN

Why We Are The Best PRI Connection Provider In Kerala

Chiclana de la Frontera As the best PRI connection provider and telecommunication service provider, we can ensure the fast and secured voice connectivity, data connectivity, video conferencing, faxing, etc by using our Primary Rate Interface lines. Primary Rate Interface connection is an end to end digital lines, so the clarity is much better in telecommunication than analogy trunk lines. For your business organizations it will be so useful. By using our PRI connection you will get an easy way to communicate through the internet. Our primary rate interface lines are more reliable and problem-solving is also easier with us. Flexible billing options are available with our PRI service and our best telecommunication system will take lesser time to establish calls. Let start to do remote working with Wibon Network using the best telecommunication service.